Monday, March 18, 2013

Superb Illustration of the Left's Devious Ways of Reporting the News in General and About Conservatives in Particular

I wish to extend my deepest gratitude to the Huffington Post for the article about Steven Crowder's alleged inane CPAC comment about rape (via Instapundit) because it illustrates perfectly the left's devious ways of reporting about the news in general and about conservatives in particular.

Short story:
The person who made an inane comment about rape was NOT Steven Crowder;

Ashley Judd!

(Get it?)

In case you're interested, “Ashley Judd … tweeted that purchasing apple products is akin to rape" (Oh, and by the way, "the intelligent, young, successful and beautiful Ms. Judd" tweeted that comment from… "her iPhone”!)

Hence the Huffington Post's outrage and…
hence Steven Crowder's mockery.
hence Steven Crowder's like-minded (!!!!!) mockery.

That's right: Crowder's reason for mentioning rape
was the exact same as the Huffington Post's reason for writing about rape,
i.e., not to make an inane comment about the crime,
but to highlight a VIP's inane comment about the crime.

1) the Huffington Post got it (deliberately?) wrong;
Crowder got the identity of the "idiot" (for want of a better word) correctly
while Ariana Huffington's article got it wrong (indeed, what it did
in a sense amounted to — gleefully — shooting the messenger)
And this brings us to the next point:
— BECAUSE Ashley Judd is a liberal making an inane rape comment, and — BECAUSE she was comparing a hideous crime to the ultra-evil nightmarish capitalistic system, it turned out that, indeed, there was no outrage, either at the time or later (now), from the Huffington Post or from other liberals. (Indeed, that's the reason why I felt it necessary to add: "In case you're interested"…)

And when a conservative makes a comment not about rape per se but about an inane comment about rape (Ashley Judd's), the left went,
Gotcha! — now we can do our usual bit, ignore the backstory completely and pin this on those awful, terrible, heartless conservatives!
Update: Good Deed Department — Thank you for going to the Huffington Post's original reporting (sic) of this event and favoriting my similar-sounding comment (not for my sake, but for Steve's and, yes, for the entire conservative movement's)…