Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Evangelical Christianity Called "Radical Religion" by the HuffPost, Presented as Clear and Present Danger in an Army Story Titled "Bombing for Jesus"

In a Huffington Post story entitled Bombing For Jesus — you can just hear the lefties snickering at their own cleverness — "evangelical Christianity" is called a "radical religion" and a "fundamentalist religion" and is presented as nothing less than a hotbed of extremists and therefore a clear and present danger…

No, nothing about Islam (extreme or otherwise), whose members apparently are owned nothing but apologies… Why do you ask?

In other news, the HuffPost describes — matter-of-factly — America's armed forces, along with the U.S. Army's military contractors, as "America's military industrial complex". A story ominously entitled Remember Blackwater? starts out with an inane (or fear-provoking) comment, also presented as nothing but an indisputable fact, about how closely America allegedly avoided the military draft and thereby how close we allegedly came to sending America's sons and daughters to the perils of Iraq and Afghanistan.