Saturday, March 23, 2013

Remembering (would-be) black slave-owners in Africa

Kathy Shaidle mentions some things that would never appear in the mainstream media (or only in the last section, in the next-to-last paragraph of page 23), from a 1959 story reminiscent of Borat or Ali G …
Crowds of Africans who wanted to buy wives for $7.14 each [in 1959 were shortly after] told by the government that those stories about slave auctions were only rumor.

Local official W.P.M. Maigacho had to issue an official denial of the rumors after men from outlying tribes twice gathered in the town of Tononka, expecting to take part in a slave auction.

According to the rumors, native girls from a local mission were being sold for the equivalent of $7.14. The purchaser could take the girl to Mombasa and marry her, the rumors said.