Sunday, March 10, 2013

Send in the clowns....

An unfortunate reality of modern reality is that reality is often times unrecognised. While it is hip and with it to drag about with your windmills and solar panels, regardless of their collective umph, such things as real reality gets lost in the hipster mix:

State politicians have slammed German Transport Minister Peter Ramsauer for not taking action sooner. "We're making ourselves the laughing stock of the world," Schleswig-Holstein Economics Minister Reinhard Meyer said.


The Kiel Canal, one of Europe's most vital shipping lanes, was shut down this week when two neglected locks broke down. The closure threatens to cause major disruption to shipping in Northern Europe, but Germany's Transport Ministry has promised rapid repairs.

While we go on and on and on and on about God knows what in terms of futurism (which should be pursued, prudently), reality takes a back seat, fyi - IMHO - btw - OMG - etc........