Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Live-Blogging the Presidential Debate at 3 AM Paris Time

Well, I think Romney did as well as could be expected — although I keep wanting him to bring up the Russian mike episode, along with his dissing of Russia and China's foes, Lech Walesa and the Dalai Lama — both of whom happen to be fellow Nobel Peace Prize recipients. Obama did look petulant a lot of the time, and his serving as time keeper did him little to no good… I agree with Jack Straw: "Draw. Victory goes to the guy leading. Romney."

• 10:35 Last question ain't that bad…

• 10:33 Is Barack Hussein Obama one of the candidates for the White House
(as well as the president of the United States) or is he the time keeper?

• 10:29 Obama hardly looks presidential as he fidgets in the background, does he?

• 10:23 Candy Crowley doesn't like Mitt Romney bringing up Mexico

• 10:22 Obama smiling?!

• 10:21 YES!!!

• 10:18 For Christ's sake, Mitt, BRING UP FAST AND FURIOUS!

• 10:17 AK-47s?! Assault weapons?!

• 10:16 Clapping?!

• 10:14 Good Hillary Clinton question

• 10:10 YES!!!

• 10:09 Ben Ghazi — Romney, you have to mention Obama's heading for Las Vegas fund raiser the next day

• 10:08 Still, it sounds petulant for Obama never to let Romney defend himself to Obama's specific attacks

• 10:06 Have to give it to him: Good Obama zinger on pensions — "mine isn't as big as yours"

• 10:04 "Univision" brought up — good

• 10:01 "we're just a few miles from Ellis Island" — first time I applaud Obama

• 10:00 Obama had "a supermajority in both houses"— good point

• 9:52 There we have it: "Osama Bin Laden is dead" quote unquote

• 9:50 Why is it that I am thinking that Obama knew about the Bush question beforehand?

• 9:45 Another fake independent!
George W Bush?!
(Note — I started writing "Another fake independent" before she even mentioned Bush)

• 9:33 "Big Bird"? Lame…

• 9:30 war on women: "more women living in poverty than four years ago"

• 9:25 Mitt Romney quoting Joseph Biden: middle class "buried these last four years"— excellent!

• 9:22 Crowd reaction positive or negative? Not sure…

• 9:20 "I'm still speaking" :)

• 9:17 "Liar liar pants on fire" again

• 9:12 Another thing you have doubled is gas prices, Barack Obama

• 9:11 I'm sorry, Candy Crowley; when either candidate makes any such attack, you allow them to respond. Period.

• 9:10 So that's Obama's aggressive strategy?!
"Liar liar pants on fire"

• 9:09 Good point that Barack Obama "took General Motors bankrupt"

• 9:06 Barack Obama "investing in energy" ?!?!?!

• 9:05 Mitt Romney takes off his watch; maybe he reads Instapundit…
(I think the post about George H W Bush looking at his watch during the 1992 debate came from Instapundit; maybe it came from elsewhere, because I can't seem to find it)

No Pasarán will be blogging the second presidential debate in this space (starting at 3 in the morning Paris time)…