Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Proof that France Is Starting to Believe in (or to Fear) the Victory of Mitt Romney

During the entire Obama era, there have been few, if any, articles on the nightmarish aspects of American society in all its incarnations (social, medical, racial, etc, etc, etc)…

And now, all of a sudden, only weeks from the 2012 elections, that type of articles has started sprouting again — as in Le Monde's series of 10 stories called "Un Œil sur l'Amérique" (An Eye on America), with the photos of a Carlos Javier Ortiz or the byline of a Philippe Bernard who take (needlessly to say) exclusively a negative view on, for example "the new field hand convicts" or the Remote Area Medical association which "crisscrosses the United States to dispense free medical and dental care to those most in need."

Is this not evidence that Le Monde is starting to believe in (or to fear) the victory of a Mitt Romney ?!