Friday, August 03, 2012

The Leftist Way: Making the Useful Unwashed Believe Non-Existent Economics Facts

My clients are diminished by me having a gov contract?! Now you’re making shit up @nopasa @richlowrie @LilMissRightie #p2 #tcot #left #right
I received a curious tweet out of the blue, from someone looking very much like a funded political operator very-much mis-stating his identity. It begins with a name which is supposed to look banal and “non-partisan” in nature, and links a blog that looks too well produced not to have been put together by a paid political operation, obfuscating for a phony argument that President Obama has been good for the economy at large.

But a close look at the web page is a encylopedia example of passive-aggressive politicval demagoguery masking itself as a “mild” news-opinion site, promoted by someone who purports to be involved in business. There is nothing other than a bizzare defense of the Kony donation exploitation sham, Sandra Fluke’s stunt, and an attempt to compare Mitt Romney (who is not the President) to Vadimir Putin.

The type of business this light and authority on the workings of business and the economy is not stated.

When I tried to engage him in a conversation about productive businesses and the effect of aggressive regulation, he then went on to tell be something about having a US government contract in an attempt to silence the question. It assumes that business is business in any regulatory environment, and that all should be well is we all had tons of government contracts. As if.

If anything about his stated identity is true, the Solicitation number and possibly even his SF 330 should be a matter of public record. So far, he’s reinforced the fact that the “outreach” is Democrat political sham by not saying anything that makes any sense.

“Left Slash Right” is a propaganda operation run by a liar.