Thursday, August 02, 2012

Erik Svane Discusses Romney's Alleged Gaffes During Heated Debate on France 24's English-Language TV Channel

During a heated 40-minute debate with Newsweek's Paris Bureau Chief and others on France 24's English-language channel (part 1 and part 2) (part 1 on Youtube and part 2 on Youtube), Erik Svane discusses Mitt Romney's alleged gaffes during his trip to Europe and Israel.
Romney stirs controversy on bumpy foreign trip
Gaffe-prone, wannabe or savvy statesman, Western media has slammed Mitt Romney's tour of American allies, but US opinion polls tell a different story. Laura Baines and her panel discuss the Republican candidate's choice of destinations and what they mean.
  • Christopher DICKEY, Newsweek Paris Bureau Chief / Mideast Editor;
  • Erik SVANE, Member Republicans Abroad France, Author of "La Bannière étalée";
  • Aaron David MILLER, Distinguished Scholar at The Wilson Centre and advisor to Republican & Democratic Secretaries of State for over 20 years;
  • Mordechai KEDAR, Researcher at the Begin-Sadat Centre for Strategic Studies Bar Ilan University; Watch the second part
    Programme prepared and produced by Wassim Nasr, Sara Bertilsson and Mary Colombel