Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Stranger Than Paradise

How weird, you ask?

They invite you to customize your pan-galactic omnivorous transnational super-dooper–state (the EU). As if it actually makes sense to make an online survey substitute for the use of a democratic process as a way of presenting your gripes to the state, or presenting your vision of an entity with half a billion belching welfare moochers in it.

Maybe they’re doing this to look engaged with the public, or trrying to grow more relevant. I suppose that’s possible, but it’s unlikely to be as successful as, say, the fact that it’s National Cheesecake day – and what National Cheesecake day can be truly complete without bakeries giving out samples.

So, let me also wish you a happy post May 9th belated Europe Day as Neelie is warmly extending to you in the video re-published today, if “happy” is indeed the right term. Maybe it’s “anxious,” or “merry,” or “bereft of cogent meaning.” I don’t know what Emily Post would say on such an august occasion.