Friday, August 17, 2012

One Way for Barack Obama to Replace Joe Biden as VP with Hillary Clinton

Instapundit says that since "Sarah Palin has told Obama he should dump Biden, that path [the one to replace Biden with Hillary Clinton] has pretty much been closed off"…

But, if Obama — or if his campaign — feels desperate enough, there is still a way to do so. Even though it won't fool many people, expect the MSM to run along with the narrative (although perhaps no longer with all that Jay Carney tries to pass along)…

The idea is not to dump Biden but to have him making, to all appearances, the decision to resign a few weeks down the road.

Here is how that scenario might work out:

Joe Biden has been making gaffe after gaffe after gaffe.

• Needing to look strong and loyal, Barack Obama praises his vice-president and vows to keep him on the ticket.

• A few days, or a few weeks from now, Biden decides that he has to resign, probably due to health reasons. (Of course, were he to have a heart attack, real or feigned, it would be even better.) Alternatively, the decision could be made not by the White House, but by delegates at the Democratic National Convention in Virginia in North Carolina. In any case, officially, Obama's honor has been saved.

• Obama now needs another vice-presidential candidate, so he looks for someone to replace Joe, quickly. Et voilà, Hillary Rodham Clinton joins the ticket.

It ain't easy to see it happening, of course, but it's hardly beyond the possible… And, with this White House…

In any case, credit Sarah Palin (remember the clueless, unintelligent broad of 2008?) for foresight and for a preemptive strike… (Well, count the post you are currently reading as another preemptive strike…)

Update: Come to think of it, perhaps the very reason that Biden made the North Carolina gaffe in Virginia is that he had the Democratic National Convention in mind…

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