Friday, July 13, 2012

To Win at the Communist Monopoly Board Game, Your Piece Must Wait in Line for Hours to Buy a Sausage

A game can last several hours, during which not a whole hell of a lot is happening.
"The most boring game in the world" is how Le Monde quotes the makers of Kolejka ("line" or "queue") defining their own board game. Also known as the communist version of the Monopoly board game, where communist "rules" replace the capitalist rules of Wall Street, the box asks if you are "courageous enough to confront daily life in the 1980s?"

At Kolejka, whose surface is, inevitably, dominated by gray — the game is made by Poles who work for the Poland's Institute of National Remembrance and who want today's youth to understand the hardships of daily life prior to 1989 — the winner is the player who manages to buy all the products on his list, from butter and gasoline to cigarettes and toilet paper. Special cards allow you to gain time, by going to the black market (but prices are twice as high), by having a Communist Party "friend" open the door of a special store for party members, or by having a "mother with a baby in her arms" loan you her child to go to the front of the line.

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