Monday, June 04, 2012

Purges and Harassing Kulaks to Follow

Greek leftist vows to cancel bail-out, renationalise economy
It looks it’s playtime in the Comintern revival sandbox, kids.
Greek leftist leader Alexis Tsipras on Friday (1 June) unveiled his economic programme if he is elected later this month, pledging to cancel the EU-sponsored bail-out and renationalise banks and companies.
Surreal repetition aside,
economists say his plans are unfeasible and mere electoral posturing.
In which case new economists will be found. Or rather, you can call them “economists”.
To the extent possible, all goods and services should be provided free of charge to all. Goods available in abundance should be available without limit; those in short supply should be rationed.
and there will always be the same amount of them too, I bet... To pile more onto the heap of things that I can objectively tell you were untrue in any collectivized economy, he continues:
Economists' arguments in favor of property actually "only prove that man really produces most when he works in freedom..."
Kropotkin argued that, far from shirking work when they do not receive a wage, when people work cooperatively for the good of all they achieve feats of productivity never realizable through economic or state coercion.
All of which is untrue. All they had to motivate workers was coercion, otherwise finding a way to turn your work into a way into a black market trade would be the only other reason to show up, sober or not.

The sad thing is that despite history and first-hand accounts from living people to the contrary, there are people who actually believe the assertions like Peter Kropotkin's blatherings from pre-Soviet Russian communism. In the U.S., they either called themselves “Occupy Movement”, or call themselves the Progressive branch of the Democratic Party. They are just about the same everywhere in the world, and they have a penchant for whatever personal violence will satisfy their egos.

But back to Tsipras:
Yet despite the appeal a young politician vowing to take on "rotten, corrupt and discredited elites" may have with the electorate, his economic plans raised eyebrows among experts, as a cancellation of the bail-out would de facto leave Greece with no money and force it to exit the euro.
This despite his saying that “there is no way back to the Drachma.” He’s right on that one.

There is no way back to the Drachma. They have insufficent reserves to back it up with.