Thursday, June 07, 2012

Promoting Anarchy and “Social Justice” Have Their Very Own Bundesministerium

The Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) is getting into the business of resource redistribution and „ global justice “. Meh, that’s nothing. The telling feature is that these preachers of the apocalypse for hire are forming links with religious institution – a perfect reflection that their world view (concious or not) is based in the faith they have in their assertions about Global Warning being (1) real, (2) irreversable, and (3) cased specifically by humans whome they disagree with politically.

Being new at teh religion thing, they are missing some fundamental articles – such as the idea that there actually exists such a thing as redemption and forgiveness if sin can be recognized. You see, it makes no difference what you do to appease them, there is always the next newly drawn-up commandmant to tell people that they are in violation of.
Indeed today we are experiencing a Renaissance in the use of fossil energies instead: The rising price of oil and gas has not only led to a Renaissance in coal, but is also making the tapping of unconventional oil and gas reserves lucrative. The international Energy Agency (IEA) is already celebrating the ‘Golden Age of gas supply’.”
As you can see, this is bad in their view, a calamity, except when they’ pause to make the specious “peak oil” argument (itself pulled out of somebody’s ass.) In that case, we are told to obediently follow their instructions to deindustrialize to head off the horror of energy running out.

The shockign thing is that there are people out there who are still fooled by these emotive attempts to manipulate our fears, “warmonger” style.