Friday, March 02, 2012

Letter Written

The Zombie fleet is on auto-pilot:
EU summit to avoid contentious issues
So what else is new? After all, don’t the vile masses with their dirty chins need more in these days than continuity in every public message and leader to love?
Instead, leaders are poised to give speeches about "growth", congratulate themselves for the re-election of Herman Van Rompuy as Council president and sign the 'fiscal compact' treaty.
And in a node to one “Lisbon declaration” after another, where they were set to be the world-beating world-leaders of the world’s biggest knowledge economy, the lighthouse of truth and all that is good, and free from the clutches of others:
Last week, the 12 leaders sent a letter to EU institutions, calling for bolder economic integration with the USA and deepening trade and investment relations with Russia, China and other strategic partners.
There is even self-ameliorating chatter that there is some notion that statements which will be made are “expected”. It’s as if there was some possibility of surprise with these jokers, and that some fake pretense that what will happen might not happen - had to be kept up to make them seem more serious, or make it newsworthy:
Commission President José Manuel Barroso is expected to deliver the message that the EU needs to invest in order to get out of the crisis.

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