Monday, February 06, 2012

Global Warming Update: Venice Canals Freezing Over for First Time in Over 80 Years

Watching "the canals of Venice […] thickening as they start to turn to ice," the BBC refers to a "throwback to another era" in view of the fact that
…the last time the surrounding lagoon froze was in 1929.
As for the Italian capital further South, "Rome has seen its heaviest snowfall in more than 25 years."

As for Bosnia's capital, "Sarajevo lies buried under its heaviest snowfall ever" (read another BBC report).

All in all, over 200 people have died of the cold in Europe (more than 100 of them in the Ukraine), but apart from (entirely) insignificant details like that, heaven forbid that we should let such an (entirely) insignificant fluke deter us from our fight against global warming.

Update: Meanwhile — and as Plantu tries to steer the narrative towards heart-breaking unemployment and homelessness — it is unclear whether Garry Trudeau catches the unintentional irony in today's Doonesbury strip as the satirist (although a one-direction satirist only, i.e., only or mostly with the right) takes on alleged climate-change deniers and their alleged flexibility with facts

(doubled to make sure Monday's cartoon stays on this post)…

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