Sunday, February 19, 2012

Another Luxury Ship Sinking Off Europe's Southern Coast — Dramatic Video from Rescue Helicopter

Another impressive luxury vessel flounders off Europe's Southern coast, reports Le Monde quoting Paris Match's François Labrouillère and David Le Bailly. This time it is not a passenger cruise ship like the Costa Concordia but the mega-yacht belonging to French millionaire Stéphane Courbit, the largest yacht in France which lays down on its side before sinking below the waves, to the bottom of the Aegean sea. The video of the Greek rescue team comes from the very helicopter carrying them to the rescue of the Yogi's crew…

Διάσωση Επιβαινόντων σε Γαλλική Θαλαμηγό from haf.webmaster on Vimeo.

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