Thursday, October 13, 2011

New Europe is Old Again

The pretenses of the ‘non-partisan’ nature of domestic terror are gone.

A far-left group claimed responsibility for Monday's blaze just outside Berlin on the main line linking the capital to Hamburg, saying in an online message it had acted in protest against the German military's deployment in Afghanistan, now entering its 10th year.
It’s faux thinkers getting their jollies again, trying to kill people in a fit of recreational ideology.
At least nine separate attacks, involving a dozen or so incendiary devices, have been recorded since Monday on railway lines in and around Berlin, interior ministry spokesman Jens Teschke told a regular news briefing on Wednesday.
The goal? The usual. As for the part of the left ‘moderate’ enough not to want to murder, their peace-movement inspiring objections to violence are actually rather dubious:
Some leftists have recently condemned the ongoing spate of arson attacks on cars in Berlin, because they are not just targeting the luxury cars, but the Opels of hard-working Berliners.
Because they care. And they think that’s cover for their living out their own fantasies vicariously through those brave ‘men of action’:
But clearly some elements of the scene is sliding inexorably towards terrorism. They want to make Germany a better place – just as the Baader-Meinhof gang did in the old days.
Those of you who would enjoy reading the whole piece in the original Klingon can find it here.

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