Monday, August 15, 2011


Cute creature depicted is not to scale

Warped Russian rag blames the death of the polar bear shot in Svalbard on the student. Further:
The British NATO contingent wastes up to 100,000 USD of their taxpayers' money per aircraft per hour, every single day since February 17, bombing kids, strafing water supplies, murdering babies, targeting civilian structures, in Libya. Now in Norway a polar bear has been shot because of a British student.
...bacause, you see, poley was a fully aware social justice activist. The writer continues his high-minded thoughts with high journalistic standards:
As the British press carries this story in its headlines, maybe some of these callous bastards could spare a fleeting thought for Libyan children slaughtered in their homes by NATO cowards. Or, as one suspects, they couldn't care less.
The RAF should have known about the bear weeks ago, dagburnit!

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