Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Most Socially Progressive Place on Earth

Swedish “youts” are firebombing cops. It also has happened in the ironically named town of Angered.

“To throw incendiary bombs at the police takes this problem to a level where we definitely don’t want to be. I have never in my whole career seen or heard of anything like it,” detective Bertil Claesson, head of the police unit in Angered, told news agency TT.
Why can’t they just smoke dope under a bridge like NORMAL anti-social punks?
The boy was brought in for questioning on Monday after the blast at a pre school in the Stockholm district of Sköndal seriously injured a four-year-old girl.

[ ... ]

The teenager remanded into custody by police on Monday on suspicion of the pre-school explosion, may have had help from accomplices, according to police.
Look on the bright side, if they DO lock them up, they have a lifetime of complaint, dependency, and arrogantly high expectations to look forward to.
According to the inmates it is not uncommon for detention centres across Sweden to offer their detainees 10-19 channels to choose from. But in Kalmar they have to make do with seven.
Of course in the environmentally “Socially Sustainable” society of the future, they would just be sent straight to the Soylent Green plant.

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