Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Difference Between Britain and Switzerland

Email from Damian:
No spanking in Britain.

No guns in Britain.

Riots galore in Britain.

No riots in Switzerland!

(A little something for my gun-toting pals):

Guns and … chocolate. One doesn't expect a nation occupied with the manufacture of high-grade chocolate to produce union-grade thugs or French "69" style rioters.
Valerie adds:
The Swiss also produce some nice high grade rifles and handguns.

Speaking of encouraging a life with no consequences…

Valerie has more:
And then there is this:

Courtesy of the blog Wake Up Black America.

“Spend the next month reading’, try that for a change.”

May this common sense spread.

[Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter] is a progressive and a friend of the Obamas.

“Don’t touch what doesn’t belong to you or what you haven’t earned.”

He’s a friend to Obama. Maybe he should go give this talk to the White House.

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