Monday, August 29, 2011

Can you Smell that, Son? Can you Smell the Mendacity?

The relationship between climate change and hurricanes is one that scientists are still trying to understand.
This somehow leads to this level of certainty:
Irene’s Potential for Destruction Made Worse by Global Warming, Sea Level Rise
We live in an age of propagandists, and the bien pensents simply accept that as a social good.

The Reality? Enh! Don’t believe ‘da hype!

Scientists Slam Link Between Hurricanes and Global Warming
Just like the hyped predictions of disaster to the East Coast from Irene over the weekend, the new report says that models used by global warming scientists "over-estimate" the the warming trends of the globe to back up their warnings of future droughts, killer storms, and famine.
Meanwhile back in the land of politics of trying to prove that you’re Moses: Obama Narrowly Escaped 31 MPH Winds And 0.03 Inches Of Rain At Martha’s Vineyard

And to think that we nearly lost him!

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