Friday, April 15, 2011

Reporting for the HQ of the Office of the Propagation of the Faith...

Left think:

As if Tea Party Republicans have not done enough to undermine the working class in America, now they are going after children. New pro-business legislation threatens to make it even harder for adults to keep their jobs, or get new ones, in the struggling American economy.
Of course, one must first ignore the fact that the Tea Party ARE overwhelmingly the working “class” in America. You must also ignore the fact that the non-family-farm working age isn’t being lowered, and that 20 year olds are not children.

Instead of seeing every shadow, every leaf, every whistle in the wind as political ammunition for the gullible, why don't these cretins look at what the proposal really is: a youth unemployment measure to deal with the handwringing about young people delaying the start of work, and not developing skills.

To make her feeble “globally distributed” point, he tosses in a Youtube video of child labor in a grab-bag of places in the developing world, including “fashionably backward” societies like Kenya, and rapidly developing Brazil.
Maryann Tobin is a professional journalist who has appeared on the History Channel in Brad Meltzer's DECODED. She is also a former jockey and rescues abused animals on her farm.
She calls herself a “political spin examiner”, if you can believe it. Her “journalistic” magnum opii includes fact-of-the-title-statement masking items with titles such as:

Gov. Rick Scott plans to add 12,300 to Florida unemployment lines.
Republican Tea Party conservatives plan big govt. regulation of women’s rights.
Republicans get failing grade in new poll.
Republicans begin Muslim American terrorist hearings.
Republicans take collective bargaining rights with no democrats present.
Republicans want to cut funding for tsumani warning system

Without irony, or noticing that Unions are little more than a movement corrupted and exploited by the left:
Republican Governors use union busting to go after democratic campaign funds.

(because union money are THEIR campaign funds)

Is Fox News running scared from Huffington Post, AOL deal?.

and the utterly implausible notion:
Republican bill takes Food Stamps from union workers children and families.

Because union workers are starving, underpaid, and are poor enough to qualify for the same food stamps that no pre-packaged anti-Walmart tirade fails to include, saying “they make just enough to not qualify for food stamps”.

And scrambling feverishly into the past centuries for personal opinion justification:
Can Republican Budget Cuts lead to Another Triangle Fire Disaster?

As if the Federal government budgeted for local fire departments... Etc. You get the picture - reporting MSNBC opinion as newsworthy facts, and the like.

She has also lent her crack-reporting skills to something she is quite proud of: some production on History Channel called “Decoded”.
Brad Meltzer's Decoded, (or simply Decoded), is an American mystery and conspiracy theory investigation television series, produced by Go Go Luckey and Berman/Braun, that premiered December 2, 2010 on the History channel.[1] The series is hosted by political thriller author and non-fiction writer Brad Meltzer and follows a team of investigators who try and determine the meanings behind various symbolism, alleged secret codes and conspiracies that surround us everyday.
So goes the search for fining that all adversity in the world is caused by Jewish Bankers, the British Royal Family, and Fluoride.

You get it. “Journalism,” indeed. To call herself a Political spin examiner is laughable. Her entire occupation is to spin others’ journalism for her own, and her uses. She aggregates from wire items like a politically programmed adolescent would blogs.

One does have to give her points for consistency. “Decoded” the serialized mimeograph-grade cult pamphlet that she posed as a journalist with a sound reputation for to ligitmate it, somewhere among heaven knows who, was received thus:
New York Times reviewer Ginia Bellfante, gave Decoded a negative review saying; "[there] are the languorous crackpots who wonder if codes are embedded in their Home Depot receipts, or if George Washington's wooden leg hid an alternate Constitution. It is for this group that the series 'Brad Meltzer’s Decoded' has been conceived"
There it is, folks... the Black Helicopter crowd, and they appeal to the kind of lefty fake-crisis gin-ups and populist pandering that have done more to tar the American people’s reputation than anything else. In other words, the new generation of the left.

Remind me to send out the Bilderburg hit teams on our Alien technology transporters later this week.

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