Friday, April 29, 2011

Helplessness Was Never made to Sound so Good

EU thumpers always seem to come up with the saddest and most implausible spin. Take for example the motives behind an article that prattles on for 13 paragraphs of criticism of Action Ashton, but lands on words like these:

For the moment, Europe is satisfied to remain the “narrative power” described by political scientist Zaki Laïdi –able to talk about the world, to state its values, but not (yet?) able to impose itself as a true power.
”Narrative” being the best one can do to describe a nation with a Peter Pan disorder. It gets even better when the critics of inaction can’t quite digest the idea that EU foreign and defense policy are a light comedy film given an award by it’s own director when they get angry at the idea that the EU takes up policy positions driven by the commentary of its’ member states, who are the only genuine conduit of communication with the EU that the population has.
Will Ms Ashton be able to elaborate this vision despite her tendency to adopt, at best, the policy most acceptable to the States thus ignoring the latitude and the prerogatives allowed by the Lisbon Treaty? The Baroness seems to desire little more than being a “facilitator” between the Member States. Before Socialist MPs on January 12, she used the same term – “facilitator” – to define the possible action of the EU on the world stage.
Besides: “facilitation” is all they have, when you’re trying to still get in on the significant affairs of the world, but are prepared to risk nothing more than part of a loan guarantee and a handful of peacekeepers long after the peace is won.

“Inclusion” is thought to purchase peace. For a while, even though they’re already in on the joke. To these clowns tolerance is warm gun.

Good luck “facilitating” your way out of that.

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