Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Criminal Femme Fatale Continues Her Deeds Behind Bars

Five years after serving as bait for Ilan Halimi — resulting in the young Jewish man's torture at the hands of le Gang des Barbares and in his death under ghastly circumstances — the young femme fatale (Emma Arbabzadeh was 17 at the time and she seems to have been unaware of how horridly Ilan Halimi would be treated) is back in the news for helping to destroy the career of the director of the prison in which she had been sentenced to serve nine years.

Florent Goncalves has been suspended as head of the Versailles women's prison and the 41-year-old father now risks serving three years in jail himself. After several prisonières complained that Yalda (another name under which the woman — born Sorour Arbabdzadeh in Iran — is known) had been receiving preferential treatment, the director admitted that he had fallen in love with her and that he had brought her a phone with which to exchange messages on FaceBook. Like teenagers…

On two occasions, Florent Goncalves admits, they also had sex in jail… He hopes to marry her when she is released from jail — which may be as early as next year — and this, in spite of the fact that one of his guards also seems to have been seduced by the young woman described by Paris Match's Clément Mathieu as a praying mantis…

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