Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Plan B is to Unite the Workers of the World Against their Will

Which is where the anachronism of the undermining “false consciousness” argument comes from, but that’s beside the point.

It doesn’t take much to understand the mind of a moocher who has an “in” with the ultimate monopoly: the state. It explains much about democrats in the US insisting that making public sector pay a minute part of their health insurance and pension themselves, is in fact, an “assault on the poor” or any number of other stock excuses for the parasitism that they always champion.

No, what it doesn’t take too long to figure out, and what marks the difference between the socially conditioned left, and the autonomously reasoning right, is why a people who complain about life’s costs and complexity, shake their heads at the idea of both spouses HAVING to work, etc., etc., etc., realizing that it’s because of high taxation – and that high taxation is a direct result of their parasitism – and the pathetic defense thereof, for example insisting that the school district maintenance staff be paid as much as private sector lawyers, and defending it in the name of, say, “the homeless”, and whatever else they can emote in Pavlovian fashion.

Gawain the evil genius with a mongoose-esque cunning, without any assistance from a government Ombuds-person, has found the MOAB of pathetic emotive empathies:

In an incohate expression of impotence the general secretary the EU's uber UNISON, the EPSU, Carola Fischbach-Pyttel has demanded that the EU bring back red blooded socialism, and if necessary impose it on national governments.

She is echoed by the increasingly irrellevant John Monks with this very odd comment,

"the current economic governance is not leading to more political governance".
Because it collapse eastern European society the first time, and the only purpose government could possibly have is to shove ideology tyrannically down the throats of the blessed people, why not try it again?

The boring, sad, and deeply ignorant part of the left’s bloviations is that it’s entirely a repetition, rehashing, and regurgitation of failures. Not just simple failure, but failures that created nearly a century of human misery, inhumanity, and in many cases genocidal cruelty. To think that the entire racket, meant entirely to make the perfect canned case for a strongman to buy out people for his power, is being swallowed up whole by some people.

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