Saturday, November 06, 2010

I Guess they’re Running out of New Material

Having long run out of fresh hateful tirades about the United States, one crank in Sweden (who wonders why Americans stop being so eternally inferior and take their instructions), has resorted to channeling the dead.

That imaginary contrivance being insufficient, he quotes a Swedish musician who used ancient, stale, contrived imagery that most Europeans have continued to gasbag on about for half a century:

I have seen your cowboys and heard your gunshots, fatal lead

I have read your books and drunk your Coke,
The fatal dead couldn’t even include Stalin’s, Mao’s or Uncle Ho’s. That would require a moral foundation of some sort.

More to the point when it comes to assigning roles to fill in the blanks of your fantasies, Olaf Palme was murdered in 1986. He is unable to comment on the use of his name when it comes to feeding someone’s pedantic fixation with the United States, and a mid-term election that had nothing to do with what he wishes it does to suit his recreational hatred.

He was a good man, I suppose, but he was otherwise a typical stooge when it comes to mass murdering leftists..
In 1972, Prime Minister Olof Palme compared the Hanoi bombings to the Holocaust, having marched side by side with North Vietnam’s ambassador to Moscow through the streets of Stockholm a few years back. Diplomatically as well as socially, the bilateral relations were at their worst ever.
”Bilateral” meaning what? While US-Sweden matters to Sweden, the US can’t waste it’s energy worrying about them if they’re founded on people merely parroting political opinions. Nations like the US are, and have always been more preoccupied with policy positions and real events in meatspace.

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