Sunday, October 31, 2010

Opposition to Barack Obama does not arise from fear, from anger, from hatred, or from racism; Opposition to Barack Obama arises from love

As I always tell whoever is willing to listen (be they American or foreign), opposition to Barack Obama does not arise from fear, or from anger, or from hatred, or indeed from racism. Opposition to Barack Obama arises out of love.

When the (American and/or foreign) liberals' burst of laughter dies off, and while they are wiping away their tears, I add: not from love of Barack Obama, of course (not that we fear or hate that man either, per se, or the color of his skin, for that matter), but from love of our family members, our homes, our neighbors (whatever their race), our communities (the black members as well as the white members), and, indeed, the entire country and, further afield, the planet, as well as our children and our (and their) descendants. (Don't even let me get into the way we feel about our pocketbooks, not to mention our freedoms, our liberty, and our constitutional rights…)

Chesterton may have been writing about the military, but with America the land of the citizen soldier, take a moment to think about the implications of the following quote and about what, in a republic or a democracy, the soldier has in common with the citizen:
The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him.
And so it is that it is from love (love of country, love of countrymen, love of our offspring — as opposed to demonization of the average Tea Partier, scorn for the American heartland, and, last but not least, love for the Dear Leader) that we have started to gather in the streets and that we are willing to fight (without weapons) for our homes and for our principles.

It is from love that we are getting ready, on November 2, to turn to representatives who will not, unfailingly and ceaselessly, disparage their own country abroad and who, on the contrary, will vote to shrink deficits, who will block tax hikes, and who will roll back Obamacare, along with, more generally, putting an end to relentless growth in government and to irresponsible and inane fiscal policies.

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