Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Thanks to Obama, in Le Monde's Eyes, America Has Turned the Page on Bush's "Disastrous Experience"

The main headline of Le Monde's front page declares that, in Iraq, Barack Obama Turns the Page of a Disastrous Experience, even allowing for a full page in the print edition (not counting a large advertisement) to analyze his speech.

According to a Le Monde editorial, "the American operation leaves Iraq in a poor state." Of course, it rid the country of "one of the region's [not one the world's?] most bloodthirsty dictators", but — here comes the but — the operation also ripped it totally apart. Le Monde also claims that it generated a local Al Qaida, "just as bloodthirsty" ("just as" bloodthirsty?!) as Saddam Hussein was. Calling Bush's operation a "mission terribly failed" (as opposed to "mission accomplished"), it puts the entire fault of what it claims is a "historical fiasco" on W's shoulders.

We have to turn to Instapundit for more reasonable commentary on the Apologizer-in-Chief's speech…

Of course, now that a Democrat is president and now that American troops are leaving, Plantu is no longer picturing them in his cartoons as inhuman, sadistic killing machines, but as likable John Does…

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