Thursday, September 02, 2010

No one is asking you to spend all of your time with your birth certificate plastered on your forehead

I can't spend all of my time with my birth certificate plastered on my forehead
complains Barack Obama, taking a potshot at the so-called "birthers"

But no one is asking you to do so, Mr. Obama! Not a single person is asking you to do so! (Although we have noticed your use of straw men and of caricaturing American citizens' concerns, real or otherwise, in a grotesque manner…)

The only thing we want is for you to release the original birth certificate, precisely to get this problem, real or imagined, over with; precisely to get this problem, artificial or otherwise, behind us.

Whether we support you… whether we oppose you… whether we think this is the most serious issue facing us today… whether we think (as I do) that this is a distraction that is not worth the (nation's) energy… whether we are the crème of the intellectual élite… whether we are paranoid nutcases of the American heartland… release the (original) birth certificate once and for all, and get rid of the problem, once and for all.

Put the problem behind you.
Put the problem behind us.
Put the problem behind all of us.

(Click on the link to read an in-depth analysis of the entire problem…)

You think, you say, that the birthers will simply continue their "crazy" requests?

No, they won't. Maybe some will. But get the original birth certificate out, and 90% of the "members" will drop away from the "movement". (Come to think of it… Maybe that's what you, or what your advisors, do not want to happen…)

PS: Of course, a number of the people dropping out of the "birther" movement — as well as people outside the movement, such as myself, i.e., typical run-of-the-mill American citizens — may (rightfully, in my opinion) feel some degree of resentment that you played around with the issue for so long, rather than getting the problem behind you/behind us from the very outset…

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