Monday, August 16, 2010

Passing the (Political) Dutchie by the Left Hand Side

Intellectually speaking, they are indeed in a room with the blinds drawn for their comfort.

There was one thing you couldn't do at HempCon: Smoke pot. The director of the event asked the city for permission to set up a self-medication tent inside but they city said no. So any smoking -- cigarette or otherwise -- couldn't take place closer than 25 feet from the convention hall.
”Self medicating”. That’s interesting. Just don’t try to “medicate” yourself with tobacco in Baghdad on the bay, though.
San Francisco, which was at the vanguard of the anti-smoking movement more than a decade ago when it became one of the first American cities to bar people from lighting up in the workplace, now is poised to enact much tougher restrictions on smoking in public places.

Smokers no longer would be allowed to puff away near the doors, vents and operable windows of any building - restaurants, shops, offices and housing complexes.
Elsewhere... bongs in the news: head shops, like the rest of the culture of those who like to get f*cked up, are using libertarian arguments when they’re convenient. I wonder where they stand on de-socializing the cost of medical care? Because once announce that “what you do with your body is up to you”, you should not expect anyone else to pay the cost of fixing it.

Seriously. Choose one: what you’re calling you freedom, or other peoples’ Doritos, Yoo Hoo, and their rules.

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