Thursday, April 08, 2010

Left Because of Racial Discrimination: What Frenchmen Living Abroad Are Telling Their Compatriots

A new book by Christian Roudaut, France, je t'aime je te quitte (Ce que les Français de l'étranger nous disent), gives France the reasons so many of its sons and daughters have left the country to seek fame and fortune (or, simply, a better life) abroad.

The reasons are financial, of course, given France's high taxes, but the most surprising revelation in France, I Love You I am leaving you (What Frenchmen Abroad Are Telling Us) — which only studies Frenchmen having emigrated to Western-type countries with a development level comparable to France's own — is probably the number of Frenchmen of color deciding to relocate from the cradle of "Republican equality" — and from the eternal purveyor of racism lessons to clueless American clods — because of racial prejudice.
Verdict : "En France, les pratiques discriminatoires et le racisme ordinaire sont les mauvaises herbes que les autorités ne se donnent pas la peine de traiter sérieusement".
The only time racism is treated sérieusement in France is when it (allegedly) occurs en Amérique

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