Monday, April 05, 2010

Allons ons Dance

Where it all Falls Apart

Years of lefty and Euro-hyperventilation on the matter of imprisoning prisoners of war have always come down to this:

According to an Interior Ministry spokesman, Berlin is talking to Washington about relocating suitable detainees after they get released from the US-owned Guantanamo Bay prison in Cuba.

An unnamed Interior Ministry official said on Saturday, March 27, that his ministry had "opened talks anew with the United States on this matter."
They want some magical solution, is exemplified by German home truthes.
Last year, Germany had considered accepting prisoners but later backed off amid concerns that the men could prove dangerous.
I suspect that the only thing that would ameliorate their laundry list of what a solution should look like would be akin to eliminating the prisoners themselves, but that it happen in such a way that would permit the bobos to bitch about it for about 3 decades – it’s really where they get the idea of pushing the GWOT as the “new Vietnam War”.

Again, the popular thing to do is to want your own society to fail, but advocate it knowing that it won’t place them at any risk, but give them a cause over which to bleed others’ attention and sympathies dry.

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