Monday, March 29, 2010

Behind the Green Door

While our statist friends prattle on and on and on and on about green new deal this, green jobs that, sustainability sustainability sustainability, it looks as though our Bosch brothers and sisters are indeed doing what they do best, putting it all into practice:

Dresden has long been known as centre for quality handicrafts, but an erotic shop is taking a new twist on the tradition by offering dildos formed from local Elbe River sandstone.
Not to be confused with those Saxons plying their own splinter-free version of green new jobs:

According to news agency DDP, Elmar Thüry and family started making the dildos in 2006. They' dubbed their woody sex toys "The country pleasure maker" and a "natural alternative to synthetic dildos."

When his wife, Maria, expressed misgivings about the business, Thüry says he told her what he tells all his customers - that spruce wood doesn't splinter and has a special resonance.

"Guitars and violins aren't made of spruce wood for nothing," he told DDP.

His wife satisfied, Thüry set about carving out his business, naming the company, "Waldmichlsholdi," which is a play on words on a popular German folk song. All five family members, aged 18 to 46, have a hand in producing the products.
Somehow we think our prodnose statist friends don't exactly have this pleasure-driven version of au naturale as the preferred version of au naturale.

However, that most holy of grails does play a part in our story. Our statist friends get what they crave most*, VAT is included in all purchases made (at least on the wood).

*outside of repeated attempts at forcing freakish controls upon the individual.

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