Friday, February 12, 2010

Aaaany Day Now...

I’m surprised that no-one called for a “summit” yet.

The European Union could announce "very strong sanctions" against Tehran within "days or weeks," Finnish foreign minister Alexander Stubb said on Thursday (11 February). Last week, Iran declared itself a "nuclear state," prompting the US to call for tougher sanctions.

The UN security council should take the lead on sanctions, but if that is not successful "we'll do it through the EU. I would estimate, in a matter of days or weeks," Mr Stubb said at a press conference in Ottawa, after meeting his Canadian counterpart.
And here’s the part that always falls apart in the face of German companies, in particular, being able to make the sale:
Sanctions would involve a financial embargo and "issues related to energy," he said.
Which makes me ask after all of these years: how’s that “tough love” thing working for ya?
«Iran resumed uranium conversion activities today at a nuclear facility – a step that Europeans and the US warned would prompt them to seek UN sanctions against Tehran.»

- 08-August-2005

Now we’re getting somewhere! What next? Emo-kid suicide threats?

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