Thursday, May 28, 2009

Another Bunch of Reason Why You can’t take them Seriously

To begin with, I can’t tell if these two women are running for office, or selling toothpaste. On the other hand, I realize that one of them is running on a platform of labeling foods that contain peanuts because her kid is allergic. Yup. That’s her platform. That’s it. MEP for three words: “May contains nuts.” In any civilized society, a polite letter to the company headquarters is sufficient.

Despite fitting right in to the Brussels scene, what with all of that serious agenda stuff, one wonders where that famous northern suicidal tendency went to. Basically, if this is why you have elected officials, then why bother. One can’t help but ask: Who is getting in the way of the labeling of packaged foods? For goodness’ sake, why are you wasting oxygen, lady? The other candidate we showcase, calls herself a ‘passionate centrist’, assuring a banal future dealing with Mrs. Peanut and all manner of empty platitudes.

Again, if these are the only things you can find out there that matter to run on, your doctor need to adjust your Lexapro. I don’t care how put together you think you are.

On the other side of this vacuity is Euro-casualness of this kind of thing: there are people in a small northern town of this sophisticated and complex culture, so full of depth and thoughtfulness, who scare off hapless refugees.
'Lynch mob' prompts refugees to flee town in northern Sweden

Nearly half of the predominantly Iraqi-refugees residing in Vännäs in northern Sweden have decided to permanently move out of the area after being terrorized by what police called “a lynch mob” in early May.

“I thought that Vännäs was the perfect place for us. And there are many, many friendly people here. But we still don’t dare to stay; I’m seriously concerned about my children’s safety,” said father of five Ismail Ramadan to the Svenska Dagbladet (SvD) newspaper.

Ramadan’s family and several others have decided to abandon plans of starting a life in the small community outside of Umeå less than two weeks after a group of 30 to 50 young people assembled outside the apartment building in which the refugees lived and began shouting threats and throwing stones.
The refugees appear to be making no attempts at being photogenic.

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