Sunday, May 24, 2009

Steyn asks: Whither EUtopia?

Realistically speaking (because you know how Europeans value social pragmatism over morality): who cares. Your culture can’t compete with barbarians who idolize loitering and beheading people in a Wadi in the 8th century desert.

The joke about Mandatory Palestine was that it was the twice-promised land. But isn’t that Europe, too? And perhaps Russia and maybe Canada, a little ways down the line? Two cultures jostling within the same piece of real estate. Not long ago, I found myself watching the video of another “pro-Palestinian” protest in central London with the Metropolitan Police retreating up St. James’s Street to Piccadilly in the face of a mob hurling traffic cones and jeering, “Run, run, you cowards!” and “Allahu akbar!” You would think the deluded multi-culti progressives would understand: In the end, this isn’t about Gaza, this isn’t about the Middle East; it’s about them. It may be some consolation to an ever-lonelier Israel that, in one of history’s bleaker jests, in the coming Europe the Europeans will be the new Jews.
And history will teach them that ones’ opinions don’t count for very much of a shield, just as one of my slower Arab relatives who upon hearing any German sounding name instinctively mutters “jew” under their breathe.

Good luck with all that.

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