Thursday, December 03, 2009

Le Monde Readers Accuse the Daily of Disinformation Regarding the Climategate Scandal

In its first in-depth (sic) analysis (sic) of the Climategate scandal, Le Monde assures its readers that
all of this does not affect, far from it, climate science, which is linked to the work of thousands of scientists.
Stéphane Foucart goes on to offer proof thereof, the most "biting" of which is that the scientists involved in the scandal were "sincerely convinced" of their work, while the work of the sceptics has been… "ridiculed".

Well yes, Stéphane Foucart, except that the whole premise underlying the "fact" that thousands of scientists (and millions of citizens worldwide) accept global warming as gospel truth, the "fact" that the scientists (sic) were "sincerely convinced" of their work, and the "fact" that the work of the sceptics is deserving of "ridicule", that whole premise turns out to be false.
The impression left by the Climategate emails is that the global warming game has been rigged from the start
as the Wall Street Journal opines, which adds, for good measure, that
one is left to wonder why they felt the need to rig the game in the first place, if their science is as robust as they claim.

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