Wednesday, December 02, 2009

How Much Longer Can We Wait Until We Tackle Global Warming?!

More horrific global warming news from down South:
Wish I could send a video of this morning to all of you.
It is snowing.
On the 2nd day of Deceber it is snowing in Texas.
That sort of "pretty snow". The big fluffy flakes.
No wind, no biting cold temperatures.
The kind of snow that makes you want to
walk aournd out in it and feel the wet fluffy
flakes touch your face.
The fluttering puffs of white that make you think you are
standing inside in a snow dome.
The friendly snow that doesn't stick to sidewalks or roads.
The perfect kind of snow.
Every one in [our] house was delighted to
see last night's drizzle turn into this. …
The morning has that soft hush that only comes from snow.
Take care, hope every one's day is going well.
(Now, I know you folks who live with this stuff
all the time are just rolling your eyes. Indulge me, please.
We don;t usually get snow. It is too warm for it, we normally
get ice. Ice, we get. Oh, do we ever!)
It's time we do something!

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