Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Democrats Will be Democrats

The Gary Glitter of the (court) circuit appears to be firing on all corrupt, lefty thrusters: patronage, rationalizing deviancy down, reserving corporal punishment for pleasure, coerced anal sex worthy of a lauded European film director. You name it.

Just think of it as giving time off for ‘good behavior.’ The defense, of course, will be seeking ‘social justice

a civil rights organisation, has said that Mr Thomas is being prosecuted because of his race.
Moreover, just because prisoners were being abused, even though we all know that they’re all innocent due to society’s unjust ways, one may not be judgmental:
If someone has a sexual fetish that involves beating young males without their pants up and that is sexually stimulating to them, then for them that's a thing of value.
To whom exactly?

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