Friday, October 09, 2009

You can win a Nobel peace prize for wishing for world peace now? Shouldn't Obama share his prize with the last 50 winners of the Miss America Pageant?

The tuxedo cat provides links to the news of the Apologizer-in-Chief winning the Nobel Prize, notably The Times of London (in which Michael Binyon calls the award "patronizing"), which should be noted for some of the comments:

Ted Clarke wrote:
The people who pick the winners of this idiotic award seem to believe that peace is advanced by those who project weakness in the face of aggressive evil. JFK's weakness lead to "The Bay of Pigs", The Vienna Summit, The Cuban Missile Crisis, American missiles out of Europe, The Berlin Wall, Castro ensconced, the Vietnam "Police Action" and the global retreat of liberty. Carter's weakness lead to U.S. hostages in Tehran, Operation Eagle Claw, the emergence of nuclear armed nutcases in North Korea and Iran. And the global retreat of liberty. Gore's weakness sees the theory of Global Warming--and NOT the reality of Global Jihad--as an existential threat that must be fought by eliminating human liberty. And now the weakest of the weak -- BHO -- is projecting a new kind of weakness that will have us in a massive world war before we know what hits us. America's enemies look at this crisis of a President and they think, "You never want a serious crisis to go to waste!"

… Rudolf Richter wrote a response to my opinion that Obama's weakness will provoke war: "Ted Clarke, you know that exactly what you say about 'BHO' is what many Russians say about Mikhail Gorbachev. Many of them still revere Stalin as a great leader because he was 'strong not weak'."

Right. But Gorbachev's weakness advanced liberty and Stalin's strength advanced tyranny. It's clear that Obama's horrifying display of abject weakness is not simply advancing tyranny, it's targeting liberty for destruction. Examples abound: China gets hugs and kisses; The Dalai Lama gets the boot. Chavez gets backing; Honduras gets the back of the hand. Ahmadinejad gets validation; Pro-democracy Iranians get thrown under the bus. He will provoke our enemies to strike just like sharks do when they smell blood in the water. That's why I call Ohim "The 'Chum' of the World."
VAl Wayne wrote:
What? Where has Obama achieved peace? You can win a Nobel peace prize for wishing for world peace now? Shouldn't Obama share his prize with the last 50 winners of the Miss America Pageant? I suppose its not any worse than Al Gore winning for his Global Warming scare talk, but it now appears being a prominent, self important, left wing radical is all it takes to win a Nobel Peace Prize? These things should starting coming with a box of Cracker Jacks!
Dan Pankowsky wrote:
Mr. Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize after wishing for World Peace. He narrowly beat out Miss Japan and Miss Croatia who, during the Miss Universe competition, also wished for World Peace. However, both the runner up contestants for the prize lost out during the swimsuit competition to Mr. Obama.
Robert Vaughn wrote:
Nobel Peace (Appeasement) Prize Criteria

Socialist Agenda: Check
Hatred for America: Check
Appeasement of Tyrants: Check
Apology Tour For America: Check
Desire to rid the world of nukes: Check

Hey without question President Zero is at least as deserving as Arafat or Mr Le Duc Tho. Those that are really deserving (President Reagan, Margaret Thatcher, President George W. Bush) are excluded because they actually did the dirty work that it takes to achieve peace. All you need to win this award is talk about how you desire peace. You don't actually have to get your hands dirty with the whole process of killing mass murderers with their thugs and armies. Who will be on the list next year I wonder? Putin? Chavez? Castro? Ackmadinnawackjob? Or maybe we can nominate President Zero again?
Charles Pierce wrote:
I was proud that an American won the Nobel prize, but was taken aback by who was to receive the award. If it was for encouragement I can understand the award for he has accomplished nothing during his term as President. President Bush II did much more in actual work to help the world to piece, confronted North Korea and Iran, funded aids research and treatment in the third world. Removed a dictator and a repressive in Afghanistan, but he is vilified for being a right wing despot. I don't understand the committees reasoning. It must be a left wing thing.
Chukkal Mason wrote:
Did they have ACORN count the votes?
Great Expecations wrote:
Did George Soros write a big check?
Dawn B wrote:
To be fair, Obama hasn't done any less to further peace than, say, Yasser Arafat, IAEA Director General Mohamed ElBaradei, or Al Gore.

It's hardly an honor to win, since it is merely a vehicle for liberals, apologists, and socialists--not to mention terrorists--to pat each other on the back.

Craig Bills wrote:
The Noble Peace Prize, the Pulitzers, the Academy Awards, have all become politized. They're now just awards from Leftists to Leftists for being Leftists.

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