Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Your ¡No Pasarán! Travel Tip for the Day

What I have observed is that in Europe more than anywhere else, will you find people who assume that they know what your opinions are based on your nationality, culture, or some other now-acceptable analog for your race, if not your skin color itself, as if the person, their individual experience, the means of their moral thinking, and their choices were too much to wrap the brain around. It’s also why these very average dipwits still think it very sharp to hear some view that’s seemingly contrarian to the ideology they attribute to the pigeon holes they put people in. I.E.: “Even as a Jew, he said that!”

It’s precisely why bigots are called simple.

Next time you get trapped in one of those hall-of-mirrors conversations with one of those great minds in a bar eager-to-verbally-pounce trying out all of his or her trained-in assumptions about your society of origin, put on an impossible-to-place accent and say that...

Eet eez the tradition in the land of my ancestors to complement the chef by flatulating loudly, and then emitting contrived seal-barks of laughter like of a Shopping Mall Santa nearing the end of his shift, as though his buzz is also wearing off.

Because we must all be included, no matter what type of boiling cabbage you decide to smell like, demand your place at civilization’s table.

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