Monday, September 07, 2009

German Exceptionalism? Where’s the Outrage?

Exporting Germans, Normally Offended at the idea of Imports, Take one for the Planet.

Take it away, Clarsonimus, because I sure can’t figure it out:

With calls for “Buy hybrid cars from Toyota!” and other provocative German-car-industry-bashing and name-calling name calls, Künast is hurting her fellow Germans’ German car loving feelings right and left. Or maybe she isn’t, hard to say for sure.

Personally, I’ve always felt that Germans secretly want to own Japanese cars (you rarely see one here, you know), it’s just that their families would disown them and the neighbors wouldn’t understand. Not that they do now, the neighbors, but still.
Which leads me to one of the only bits of advice that I ever give out. Remember, use this knowledge only for good, and never, NEVER for evil: Don’t mess with a middle-aged German who’s cleaning his or her car. It’ll, like, break some magical spell thingy, and they’ll lose their marbles.

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