Saturday, September 12, 2009

Primitive Near-Eastern Village Life Comes Alive in Western Europe!

That is, if you want to put it in a PC way that ennobles the meaningless abuse of Christians and their churches, not that Socialists with their old straw men and bugaboos wouldn’t join right in as well.

On July 9, 2009, the chapel of la Croix-de-Metz in the city of Toul was the object of serious vandalism: stained glass windows smashed, the bell tower's cross covered with a black flag, and the priest threatened. Overwhelmed, he has left the area.

"My mind is made up, I'm leaving. It's becoming unbearable. For almost one week, it's been happening every evening!" declared abbé Noël. It's true that for several days, at nightfall, the priest of la Croix-de-Metz appears to have been the target of a group of young persons. Stones and pebbles rained down on the stained glass windows of the chapel where he has lived since 2002. "Until last year, I never had a problem," confides the priest. "For the past year, I would say that this sort of thing has been happening sporadically. But since last Wednesday, it has been continuous, or almost. It always begins at 9:30 p.m..."
My theory is to use the attackers’ tactics, and call any and all of these burgs a “holy city”, and every one of the faithful a “lay cleric”. Then say that it’s justified retribution for either something that happened centuries ago, even if those accused only sort of dress like the people who did it, or fault for the production of petroleum in large quantities.

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