Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Channeling Swaziland

Is it an “unregulated tax refuge”? A Masada for Europe’s free thinkers? The EU’s Lesotho-like Potemkin nation? Hell no, it’s Switzerland!

Faced with rising unemployment, the Swiss government is currently working on a dossier that would see limits imposed on the number of EU workers entering the landlocked alpine country.
Under bilateral accords signed with the EU, the Swiss government is entitled to limit the number of workers entering the country from the original EU15 member states, as well as from Cyprus and Malta, if unemployment rises above a certain threshold.
Entitled to control their borders?!? How DARE they!

You got that, right? The EU controls the conditions of immigration and residency in another nation state which isn’t a dependency. No wonder these clowns will always give the platform over to anyone who thinks the “Wesfalian notion” of the right of sovereign nations to govern themselves is somehow “dated”. They’re quietly in love with dictatorship, and see no problem with government coming from anyone BUT the people who are ruled by it. It’s almost to easy to say that it went from their history to something in the water.
Currently there are no restrictions on the number of EU workers that can take up job positions in Switzerland.
Never mind that the EU is dictating the terms of another nation’s sovereignty, they have America to wag their finger at. As for the Swiss, isn’t it time they turned their balls back in at the desk?.

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