Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mindless, Violent, Leftist Mouth Breathers at it Again

The flower of Belgium, nay, the flower of European productivity has an ugly habit of wanting to smash what it can’t take by force, even if it owes them nothing. Even those who imagine every worker who ever got a paycheck for their work are owed so much more for “building the company” even though they took no risks themselves, must have misgivings about the morons that rioted at ArcelorMittal’s headquarters during their stockholder’s meeting. Idiots.

Steel workers attacked ArcelorMittal’s headquarters during the annual shareholders’ meeting of the world’s biggest steelmaker Tuesday, setting off smoke bombs and breaking through the front door to protest temporary layoffs during the economic slump.
As an example of the cruelty they’re inflicting on the ‘proletariat’:
ArcelorMittal has cut production by half as the steel industry rapidly went from boom to bust late last year. The company has so far avoided major permanent layoffs but is offering voluntary redundancy to 9,000 of its 315,000 staff around the world.
Carrying idle employees notwithstanding, they must be ‘smashed’. In other words, they are so unionized in their mmentality, that in protesting against the commodities market, as if there was anything it could really do for them, they have to go ahead and destroy an employer that “has so far avoided major permanent layoffs.”

The Commonly held view of the hero: unemployable, will never get to the point where they will employ anyone else, and will never share their own good fortune with another soul. After all, the world owes THEM.

Can’t have that now, can we? A company bleeding from every pore owes them a job, and they’re doing their best to retain personnel, but notwithstanding they must suffer the barbarism of the attitude of Belgian and French Socialist attitude and ‘be smashed’.

Liege is very nearly a third world hole of destructive industrial attitudes, of people who believe that they are owed something be the rest of society from the day they’re born. Frankly, I think ArcelorMittal is being far too patient, since they clearly don’t want their own employers to succeed and remain a viable source of income for them.

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