Wednesday, March 04, 2009

They Love Death the Way You Love Life

It’s par for the course at Libération PropagandaStaffel. Conservative politicians get death-threats, and most of the commenters on Libé’s site cheer. Some of them buy into the constructed myth that since being a citizen “requires” one to praise Sarko and is not permitted to criticize him, and that the kook sending the threatening letters is “resisting”. Never mind the fact that they man foaming at the mouth in the comments has somehow, magically, escaped the imaginary thought-police of his fevered brow.

But it doesn’t really sound like he’s much of a whacko, not compared to most of the flock... The rambling letters apparently blames the recipients, all of them UMP officeholders and appointees, of enacting fascist policies and all are festooned with bad spelling and grammar. In other words, they were written by a garden variety French leftist.

Among other threats, the letters say: 'You think you have control of your lives, well no, your lives and your families' lives are in our hands.'

It was not clear whether the author was making any specific demand or defending any stated cause.
Of course not! What with that fetish for control of any and all affairs, the perp appears to be promoting the radical left’s social policy, and mirroring their love of violence, so long as their political opponents, families, neighbors, pets, anyone who agrees with them, and their pets are the victims.

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