Thursday, March 05, 2009

The New Puritanism

Gordon Brown most polluting EU leader. That said, Boeings, as opposed to brand X, are irrationally impied to be at fault.

Not unlike the songs of lider-praise that open and close the north Korean broadcast day, an unrelated requisite recitation of moral purity is tossed in at the end of the wire piece:
The EU sees itself as the world leader on environmental issues, and the bloc's member states last December reaffirmed their commitment to cut carbon emissions and improve energy efficiency by 20 percent, both by 2020, in a bid to fight global warming.
It need not be said that one must state this wherever possible because the programming is so deep that one need not write such a rule. George Romero would recognize this behavior right away. It can also be found here in this item where the matter of Europeans stiffing the 3rd world with the bill to “act on the climate change” that they’re employing transnational bodies to force them to do.
At the same time, many of those reductions committed to by the EU will not really be performed domestically, as a large chunk of the 20 or 30 percent will come from so-called carbon offsets - essentially where wealthy countries pay poorer ones to make their carbon cuts for them.
What will be especially funny is when they run out of deprived populations to project their non-existent crises on.

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