Sunday, March 01, 2009

Next Time On “Who Wants to be Called a Superpower”

=Sarko managed a very insightful comment at the recent Munich security conference, albeit something absolutely no action can be expected will be taken on by the patchwork of continental statelets that just want humanity to hold them in high regard for no clear reason:

Does Europe want peace or does it want to be left in peace? I’d like you to think about this. Do you want peace or do you want to be left in peace? It isn’t the same policy, it isn’t the same strategy, and the consequences aren’t the same. If you want peace, you have to give yourselves the means to exist as an economic, financial, political and military power. You want to be left in peace? If so, you have to curl up very small, stay in your corner, cover your eyes, block your ears, and not talk too loudly, and for a time you will be left in peace. Until the moment when it’s discovered that you haven’t got the means to defend yourself. But at that point, it will be too late.
The overwhelming response he got at that security conference was that Europe indeed wanted to be left in peace. Sobeit. The very fact that they’re having a conference to discuss a conference is ultimate bureaucratic prize. Especially since the Strasbourg/Kehl conference is going almost certainly to be a Kabuki theater scene of the Europeans being asked to share some burden in Afghanistan and knowing from their pre-emptive strike that they will say no.

What is that creeping around in that world view of the large part of the European leisure class? Simple: achieve peace by eliminating whatever small capacity their governments still have to defend their populations and interests. Here we see that the reflex is so ingrained and requiring no thought that they even oppose the holding of a conference where most of their governments will be resoundingly refusing to oppose the Taliban and al Queda. I guess identity politics, and class and religious warfare is honky-dorey with these nuts because they consider themselves non-participants and non-members of humanity anyway. Either that or violently bumping your fist in the air for peace does something for them. To each his own. I guess their sexual proclivities aren’t doing it for them anymore.

Further on the medievalism theme, we find this unintentionally funny headline: Strasbourg prepares for siege as Anti-NATO forces gather.
“There is no question of ruining Strasbourg, but NATO cannot claim to occupy a town if we cannot do the same”.
Keep an eye out for head-smashing and public car-b-ques for peace. Sure sounds peaceful and super-national to me, what with all of that imagining there’s no countries, and such – especially since the item is hosted Russia Today, a state-operated media arm of a passive-aggressive mobocracy with nukes.

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