Thursday, March 26, 2009

Keeping tabs

While not the first, something to keep tabs on going forward:

French employees of a US company have barricaded their boss in his office south of Paris as they demand better terms for workers facing redundancy.

A union official said Luc Rousselet, who is allowed out for toilet breaks, could not leave the building until workers secured better conditions.
Too many conclusions to draw from this no doubt future viral form of "direct action". In this particular case future redundancies should be announced via a post-it note affixed to the padlocked front gate.

Update: Oddly no mention of arrests,

Luc Rousselet was allowed to leave the plant in Pithiviers, central France, early on Thursday morning after talks between unions and officials from 3M France.

"We have an agreement with 3M that they will provide the means to respond to our demands," union representative Jean-Francois Caparros told news agency AFP.

"The negotiations will resume and that's a very good thing," said Rousselet as he left an office where he took refuge on Tuesday afternoon.

"I am very happy for the employees of the Pithiviers factory. I know that this was a very difficult lay-off plan for them," he said as workers shouted "Scoundrel boss!"

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