Wednesday, March 25, 2009

‚ Ausweis Bitte ! '

All leftist love affairs end up in the same place – in dictatorships, ones that slowly expand the control of central government (in the stated interest of the people and social justice,) and erase the human right to individual liberty. Like boiling a frog, they do it in steps. It took the East Germans less than a decade to substantially dismantle freedom of expression, the economy, and individuals’ freedom, as well as confiscate all productive property, even that held by the poor.

Venezuelan Military Takes Control of Transportation Hubs

Critics say the move is designed to expand President Hugo Chavez's power and weaken his opponents.

Opposition gubernatorial and mayoral candidates made gains in November elections, taking a number of key seats including leadership of the capital city, Caracas.

Same old, same old rhetoric employed, abusing the public’s emotions:

Mr. Chavez was quoted by the AFP news service as saying he was reunifying the motherland, which he said was in pieces.

The Venezuelan president has warned that state governors who challenge the new law might be arrested.

Joseph Kennedy is quite proud, I’m sure.

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